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Survivor, what is it?

Rescapé France is a French bracelet brand, born in Annecy in Haute-Savoie in 2017.
But why this brand? Why these products? Let me tell you his story.
I'm Felix. 22 years old, student in engineering school as I write these words, and of course native of Annecy ⛰️
For a long time, I felt like I wasn't who I wanted to be . The feeling of not showing my true self, my true nature. You know, that feeling of not being understood or listened to , of not being “like everyone else” enough.
Finally, this feeling of having to conform to the expectations of others, of society and of prohibiting myself from being free in my own ideal 💭
I have this permanent need to send a message:


Yes, you are free! It is this strong and important message that I want to spread through Rescapé France.
We therefore arrive at the creation of the brand:
Why Survivor? Why bracelets? Why carabiners and ice axes? Why all this? 🤔
Survivor, I made my own definition: Someone who knows how to be free, who wants to escape, who thirsts for adventure and discovery ! A survivor does not conform to the models predefined by society and social networks. He doesn't follow the perfect prototype of the perfect person in the eyes of others, no... He is himself!
Survivor means going for it, creating, having fun, and forgetting the false problems they want us to believe in.
The bracelet : Convey a strong message yes but... How? The idea behind the bracelet is very simple.
- I wanted a visible message.
- I wanted a universal message, for everyone.
- I wanted a shared and affirmed message.
Getting a message across is good, but if it is immediately forgotten it is of no use. A bracelet, you feel it, you know it's there, and then you see it all day long!
It is there to remind you that you are yourself, with your ideas, your convictions. It is there to remind you that you are a Survivor.
Universal? Adjustable and unisex bracelets! No worries about size, everyone can wear their bracelet proudly, and what's more, it's very practical as a gift 😏
Finally, if you see your bracelet, others see it too! And the message is then shared, accepted.
The elements of the bracelet : It is made of type II paracord, and a carabiner or ice ax in 304 stainless steel.
Above all, Rescapé France and its models are inspired by our mountains 🌄
Living in Annecy since my birth, mountains rhyme for me with freedom, escape, a virgin world, heavenly but hostile, calm but tumultuous. The perfect environment to develop my message.
Paracord : it is also called "survival rope", and is very reminiscent of climbing rope. This rope can support a weight of 250kg! It is a determining element when it comes to survival or expedition. What adventurer does not have a reel of it in his bag? 🤠
The carabiner and the ice axe : Do I really need to detail it? Man has always explored, man has sought to emancipate himself and go beyond his limits. Man has tamed peaks and climbed cliffs in search of the unknown, freedom and exploit. But the man, without his carabiner and his ice axe... Engages in a much longer and uncertain ascent.
Through these two elements, I wanted to further strengthen the message of Rescapé France! You have everything to succeed! You are strong, you are unique and now you are equipped! ⛏
A wrist, a bracelet, to carry a message of inestimable magnitude.
Survivor France is a message:
Freedom is not just a dream.
Survivor France is a state of mind:
Be yourself, always.
Survivor France is a passion:
Adventure, discovery, escape.
So, do you have the soul of a Survivor within you? I can't wait to have you in the family and in the Survivor Club!